Pregnancy is a whirlwind of physical, social, and psychological changes. Our team of experienced chiropractors and chiropractic-focused nurse practitioners are experts in prenatal health management. We know the following seven reasons will help motivate you to reach out to us for prenatal chiropractic care.

Reason #1: Build a Stronger Baby

Nutrition is critical for good health and, therefore, a major area of focus for all our patients. When you’re pregnant, the impact of your diet is magnified. In fact, recent research indicates that your health is influenced by the healthy foods on your grandmother’s plate.

While there isn’t anything you can do about what your grandmother or mother chose to eat during pregnancy, you have 100% control over eating a nutrient-rich diet. At our practice, we’re pleased to provide dietary guidance to maximize the protein, phytochemicals, and other nutrients that can help make a baby strong.

Reason #2: Naturally Quell Morning Sickness

Sometimes, a healthy diet isn’t enough. Morning sickness is a significant issue for many women during the first trimester. Supplements can help you get the nutrients you and your baby need to thrive. We’re familiar with many supplements and can help you choose ones to fill any nutritional gaps. We can also provide in-office and at-home chiropractic interventions that reduce nausea.

Reason #3: Boost Your Energy

Whether you’re decorating the nursery or safety-proofing your home, the one constant of pregnancy is that it’s a time of constant preparation that can quickly wear you out. One of our favorite “prescriptions” to boost energy is exercise. We can recommend specific exercises and guide you on safely exercising while pregnant. Earlier in your pregnancy, for example, this can include taking a quick spin on your e-bike or an exercise class with minimal modifications from a personal trainer. We’ve also helped many women transition to walking, stretching, and other second and third-trimester-friendly exercises for continued vitality.

Reason #4: Calm Lower Back, Hip, and Other Pain

One of the chief complaints we hear from pregnant women is lower back pain. The second is hip pain. Considering the tremendous strain of carrying a baby for ten months, it is easy to see how the lower back and hips can become so painful.

A growing baby expands your uterus, which places stress on the lower back and hips. Another consequence of this expansion is that it increases the lower spine’s natural curve. Increased lower back curvature moves the facet joints into unhealthy positions, causing nerve dysfunction. Fortunately, chiropractic adjustment can restore healthier spinal alignment to relieve the lower back, hip, and leg pain caused by spinal misalignment. Reduced pain also means that our adjustments can enhance your ability to move.

Pregnancy also causes wild hormonal fluctuations. One of the symptoms of hormonal imbalances is painful joint swelling, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. If your work requires typing or other work at a computer, then the repetitive stress of your job can place you at even higher risk for this condition. Other areas at increased risk of joint swelling include the knees and ankles. Fortunately, chiropractic care provides quick pain relief and addresses the underlying circulatory issues that worsen joint pain. Chiropractic adjustments can directly reduce the nerve compression that causes pain while improving the circulation around the joints.

Reason #5: Minimize or Skip Labor Pain Medications

Labor is one of the most painful experiences the human body undergoes. Again, looking at anatomy can yield information regarding the source of this pain. When you enter labor, powerful uterine contractions propel the baby down into the birth canal. As the baby passes into the birth canal, the extreme pressure that they place on the cervix further increases pain.

The Webster Technique is a chiropractic system specifically designed to boost the function of the uterus itself as well as the ligaments that support it. Regular prenatal visits enhance pelvic support and help optimize the nerve function needed for labor to proceed as smoothly as possible.

Reason #6: Faster Deliveries

Another benefit of Webster Technique adjustments is that it helps the baby get into the vertex presentation. Vertex presentation is the optimal position for birth. Vertex is an anatomical term that means “the crown of the head.” In this position, the baby’s head is pointed down toward the cervix.

When the baby is in vertex presentation instead of breech, transverse, or other suboptimal positions, labor has a much better chance of proceeding with minimal complications. When vertex positioning is combined with the enhanced nerve function achieved through Webster Technique adjustments, labor can move as quickly as possible. Some women have even delivered a child in just five hours.

Reason #7: Set Your Baby Up for a Lifetime of Excellent Health

Seeing our prenatal chiropractic team also helps get your baby a good start. Chiropractic interventions and healthy lifestyle prescriptions can help your baby move as much as possible inside the womb while receiving the nutrients to build a healthy body. This is an early start to a lifetime of healthy diet and exercise.

Routine prenatal visits also get you into a routine of coming into our office, which is a health-promoting routine that you can easily extend beyond when the baby is born. Seeing your baby as a newborn immediately after birth and during those first critical months allows us to assess their development carefully. As we follow their growth patterns, we can alert you to any issues and provide timely chiropractic care or referrals as needed.

Comprehensive Prenatal Chiropractic Care

There are so many more than seven reasons to see us for prenatal chiropractic care. We specialize in helping women navigate the medical complexity of pregnancy, and we’d love to help you and your baby have a fantastic start to your life together. Please call us at (970) 344-9551, or contact us on our online form.