While there is a place for pain medication in the treatment of injuries, not everyone wants to manage pain by relying on pain medications. That’s why we’re so committed to helping our clients find holistic, substance-free options for pain management that also provide lasting healing. If you’re looking for natural pain management in Colorado, the team at Louisville Medical Center invites you to explore chiropractic and rehabilitation options that are already being used by our clients throughout Louisville, Lafayette, Superior and surrounding communities. Led by Dr. Nicholas Hamilton, Louisville Medical Center offers a variety of innovative solutions for identifying and treating the underlying causes of pain instead of simply managing pain.

Why Pain Management Often Fails

Many plans for pain management fail at the ultimate goal of treating pain because they only mask pain. There’s often very little room for getting to the source of pain in treatment plans offered by traditional care providers. While the goal is honorable, most care providers simply don’t have the knowledge and diagnostic tools to be able to identify underlying causes of pain and inflammation. In many cases, pain is caused by a misalignment within the spine or central nervous system called a subluxation. This misalignment creates a blockage that prevents proper blood flow. As a result, an area may become sore, inflamed, irritated or numb. This often leads to reduced range of motion. It can even create referred pain that “travels” to various parts of the musculoskeletal system. Discover expert medication management solutions at Louisville Medical Center. Our dedicated team ensures safe and effective medication plans to improve your health.

What Treatments Can a Chiropractor Offer for Managing Pain?

Chiropractors use a variety of treatments to help manage pain. The first step is simply using diagnostic tools to pinpoint the pain source. Here’s a look at some pain-focused treatments that many patients find success with after struggling to manage pain using traditional treatments:

  • Manual adjustments.
  • Trigger-point injections for knotted, tight muscles.
  • Joint injections consisting of anesthetic and corticosteroid.
  • Viscosupplementation for joint pain.

Learning how to live a life that prevents pain can also be important. Many people have lifestyles that make them more susceptible to pain. Things like standing for hours at your job, lifting heavy objects or staring at a computer screen all day can actually prime your body for pain if you’re not using proper positioning when carrying out activities. Learning how to maintain strength and stability when performing various movements can greatly reduce pain levels by preventing strain and misalignments. Even something as simple as finally learning what the correct posture for your body should feel like can be a big step for pain-free living.

Are you looking for holistic ways to manage pain that leave you feeling empowered to live your life? Louisville Medical Center is here to help you find a pain-management plan built around your specific pain source. Many of our patients are able to find relief without taking prescription and over-the-counter medications. Contact our clinic today for a consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions About Medication Management

Absolutely! There’s generally no reason why you cannot proceed with chiropractic interventions just because you’re taking medication. Always discuss your full medication list with your chiropractor prior to beginning treatment.

Chiropractors offer treatment for pain related to accidents, sports injuries, chronic diseases, overuse injuries and degenerative conditions. They are trained to treat the body as a “whole” while focusing on establishing balance within the entire musculoskeletal system.

The goal of trigger-point injections to is reduce pain that is caused by knotted, tense muscles using small amounts of steroids and anesthetic. It is commonly used for back pain. It’s important that you work with a care professional capable of identifying trigger points to ensure that you’re getting an effective treatment.