Joint injections are a regular procedure wherein a solution of anesthetic and corticosteroid is injected directly into the joint tissue. It is one of the most reliable methods of managing degenerative joint pain from osteoarthritis. While not a “cure” for arthritis or joint pain, the steroid will reduce inflammation for a period of up to several months, allowing you to participate in activities that had previously been too painful.

Don't Ignore Joint Pain

The most commonly injected joints are the ankle, knee, shoulders, elbows, wrists as well as the small joints of the hands and feet. If pain is a regular part of your life, our pain clinic might be able to help you.

As previously mentioned, some types of arthritis require quick action. If you have a type of arthritis that can cause permanent joint injury, getting treatment quickly can help preserve joint function and avoid other serious health problems. It is a good idea to talk with your doctor about your joint health, risks for arthritis, or any joint pain that you may be experiencing.

Joint Injections: Targeted Pain Relief for Improved Mobility

At Louisville Medical Center, we understand the profound impact joint pain can have on your daily life. That’s why we offer specialized joint injections, a targeted and highly effective treatment designed to provide pain relief and improve mobility.

Our expert healthcare team utilizes precise techniques to deliver medication directly into the affected joint, addressing discomfort at its source. Whether you’re dealing with arthritis, injury-related pain, or other joint issues, our joint injections can offer you relief and help you regain the freedom of movement you deserve.

Say goodbye to the limitations imposed by joint pain. Explore the benefits of joint injections at Louisville Medical Center and take a significant step toward improved comfort and mobility.