In this short video we’ll discuss the Diaphragmatic Breathing Technique which is a technique you can use when you start to feel your lower back become tight or sore during a typical day of work day or doing chores around the house.

Diaphragmatic breathing is accomplished by proper use of the diaphragm muscle. This is a large, dome-shaped muscle located at the base of the lungs. This muscle functions to pull air into the lungs and then to expel it.

Imagine an umbrella inverting with your in-breath, and then, with the out-breath, returning to its proper shape. Your abdominal muscles assist in the action of emptying the lungs by contracting as you breathe out.

If the diaphragm muscle is not used fully, as occurs with shallow breathing, it can become atrophied or chronically tight. This, then, leads to chronic shallow breathing in which an individual always feels “out of breath” or “gets winded” easily.

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