When you see the term “dry needling,” your first assumption might be to think of acupuncture. While that would be an understandable assumption, it would be a bit misguided. The reality is dry needling is quite different than acupuncture in terms of being a therapeutic option. While acupuncture targets relaxation, dry needling targets pain management and healing for issues in the neck, back, and body’s soft tissue areas.

In the following sections, the information will focus on defining dry needling therapy and the kinds of benefits you can derive from the process.

What is Dry Needling Therapy?

Dry needling is a process by which a physical therapist or chiropractor will insert dry needles into tight muscles or soft tissues in the joints. The goal of the process is to prompt better blood flow into the targeted area, which should help with tissue healing and muscle/joint function. Improvements in these areas should result in pain relief.

FYI: Dry needling therapy is typically used in the treatment of the following conditions:

  • Neck pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Migraine headaches
  • Tennis elbow and tendonitis
  • Sciatica
  • Joint and spine dysfunction conditions
  • and more

3 Benefits of Dry Needling Therapy

If you were to agree to dry needling therapy, you would do so with the expectation you would derive real benefits. In fact, there are three (3) amazing benefits you could expect to derive from the process. They include:

  • Relieve joint pain and muscle tightness
  • Improved range of motion in your joints
  • Faster healing of injuries

Relieve joint pain and muscle tightness

Because the dry needling therapeutic process targets trigger points in the muscles, it’s a very effective method of treating pain. In fact, patients are known to experience pain relief at some level within the first treatment or two.

The pain relief process works as follows: the needles are inserted in trigger points, which causes the associated muscles to relax. The muscles relax as chemicals are released, which diminishes the pressure that typically causes pain.

Improved range of motion in your joints

When exercising, you only get the benefits of such activities if your muscles and joints are functioning normally. If tightness occurs in key areas, your ability to move freely (range of motion) is restricted. By inserting dry needles, it relaxes joint and muscle tension, which results in you having an improved range of motion.

Faster healing of injuries

Everyone incurs injuries. When it happens, the injuries restrict the way people live their lives while they are recovering from said injuries. Dry needle therapy aids in the healing of muscles and soft tissues by increasing the flow of healthy blood to the targeted area or areas. In some cases, the healing process can be cut in half if the patient was to choose to go with the dry needling therapy option.

If you have recently been injured and are looking for ways to relieve your pain issues and speed up the healing process, dry needling therapy might be your best treatment alternative.

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